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Aladdin Cake

This Aladdin Cake looks like it was made in a bakery and is Easy, beautiful and tasty!


  • 3 Duncan Hines white cake mixes
  • 1 dozen eggs
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Milk
  • 3 9 inch cake pans
  • Aqua food coloring gel
  • Neon purple food coloring gel


  • 1 cup of Crisco
  • 1 stick of Butter - softened - not melted
  • 1 Tablespoon of Vanilla
  • 4 cups of Powdered sugar
  • 3 Tablespoons of heavy cream
  • Aqua blue food coloring gel - Wilton


  • white Fondant
  • large round sugar balls/Pearls
  • Edible Metallic Shimmer Spray
  • Dark purple sugars
  • Royal blue sugars
  • Purple sprinkle mix


  • First, in the mixing bowl of a stand mixer, mix together 2 of the cake mixes; follow the directions on the back of the cake box mix for amounts of Eggs, Oil, and Water. 
  • Blend all ingredients together, then mix on high to thoroughly blend. 
  • Add the aqua food coloring to the cake until the desired color is achieved; start with 1 teaspoon of aqua gel, and add a few drops at a time until the color is reached.
  • Grease and flour the cake pans, and pour the aqua batter in 2 of the pans. 
  • Bake the aqua layers in a 350 degree oven until a toothpick comes out clean - about 25 minutes. 
  • While the aqua layers are baking, mix the remaining cake mix according to the box directions. 
  • Add the Neon purple food coloring gel to the mixer, starting with 1 teaspoon, and add more, a few drops at a time until the desired color is achieved. 
    The batter will look dark, but when the cakes bake, the color will become lighter, so make the batter darker than the color you want, and it will lighten during baking.
    Cool the cakes on a wire rack, until completely cool.
  • For the Frosting: 
    While the cakes are baking, place the Crisco, butter, and Vanilla in the mixing bowl, and mix until smooth and creamy. Add half of the powdered sugar, and mix on low. 
  • Add about 1/3 of the heavy cream, and blend.  Add the rest of the powdered sugar, alternating with the cream until all ingredients have been added. 
  • Stop the mixer and scrape down the sides of the bowl, and blend again on high until the frosting is smooth and creamy. 
  • Add 1 teaspoon of the Aqua food coloring gel to the frosting, and mix to blend. 
    Scrape down the sides of the bowl again, and mix. 
  • If the color is not bright enough, add a few more drops and blend, and continue to add a few drops until the desired color is achieved.  Place the frosting in the refrigerator in the mixing bowl. 
  • Allow the frosting about an hour to cool. Make sure the cakes have cooled completely. 
  • Place a small amount of frosting in the middle of the cake plate or cake stand you're going to use.  
  • Turn one of the aqua cakes out onto the cake plate, or cake stand you're going to use, and onto the frosting (this will help the cake not to slide on the plate or stand, when the frosting sets). 
  • Ice the layer of aqua cake with the frosting, and add the purple layer on top of the aqua layer, and frost generously. 
  • Add the next layer, aqua, on top of the frosted purple layer, and frost the whole cake with the aqua icing. 
  • Put a thin layer on the outside, for the first layer, which is called the crumb layer, as some of the cake crumbs will be in this layer. 
  • Allow the cake to set in the refrigerator for about an hour for the first layer of frosting to set up, and place the remaining frosting in the refrigerator to keep it chilled.   Remove the cake, and the frosting from the refrigerator and frost the cake again, using the remaining frosting, and smoothing the outer layer of frosting.
  • Place the cake back in the refrigerator to keep it chilled. 
  • Roll out the Fondant on Parchment paper, until it's about 2 inches wide, or, you can make it wider if you choose.
  • Once you've rolled it out to a thin layer that will fit around the outside of the cake (see photo) use the cookie cutter to make the design in the Fondant (see link for cutter).  Using the gold shimmer spray, spray the Fondant while it's still on the Parchment paper, and allow it to sit for 10 minutes to make sure it's dry enough to apply to cake. 
  • Push fondant onto the cake, around the top outside edge.  Spray the top of the cake gold with the shimmer spray, and sprinkle the top with purple sugars.  Let sit for 10 minutes to dry. 
  • Place the large colored sugar balls around the cake, and on top, and press in slightly to secure. 
  • Mix the purple and royal blue sugars together, and press around the bottom of the cake. 
    Then press the sprinkle mix on top of the sugars (see photo). 
  • Place the cake back in the refrigerator until time to serve.  Enjoy!